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Neighbor comments

The following are testimonials we have received from our neighbors.

  • Why did I decide to buy in Bio Caribe?
  • Will this cost me more?
Why did I decide to buy in Bio Caribe?

Years ago i visited the area and fell in love with the stunning scenery.
So much so that i bought a simple house on a two hectares lot. Beautiful garden and quiet and private.
Over time i got noisy neighbours and found it hard keeping up the place with not being there all the time.Roll forward ten years and I found this magical place Bio Caribe that could solve all the issues i had before ,where neighbours would have the same ideas about peacefulness and privacy yet support each other in running the place in regards to maintenance,security etc. While planting fruit trees i saw and heard so many Toucans,heard the howler monkeys and realised how magical the place is .What a great place to be away from it all yet if needed you can get to Puerto Viejo,the beach or a weekend to Bocas del Toro in Panama in no time
Now i plan what to build and hope to meet some fabulous neighbours .I believe Bio Caribe to be unique in its privacy, it’s dedication to live with nature and creating a breathtaking environment. And that is why I bought into Bio Caribe

Folkerus Schuiringa

Will this cost me more?

Buying offshore property or real estate is an investment. The outcomes for this investment more often than not can be negative, with lasting financial and emotional outcomes. Having purchased property at Bio Caribe, Costa Rica approximately four (4) years ago, I had spent more than thirteen (13) years traveling between the US, Costa Rica and Central American countries. Hearing numerous stories of good people from around the world experiencing “shady” and unscrupulous real estate practices. In many cases losing cash, land and homes, with very little legal recourse.
After years of researching Costa Rica’s real estate market, I made the decision to purchase land from Edsart Besier, Owner and Developer for Bio Caribe. My decision was based on the following criteria:
• Trustworthy and reputable seller
• Trustworthy legal representation
• Verifiable seller and purchaser documentation
• Sustainable living community
• Biodiversity
• Safe investment, appreciable value, with low property taxes

Over the years, Edsart and William (attorney) have earned my trust and respect, for both their honesty and legitimate business practices. I own two (2) hector and plan to begin construction for two (2) homes in 2017 and 2018. Focused on developing Botanical Gardens, and Organic Farming. I offer my Testimonial and recommendation for Edsart and Bio Caribe, Costa Rica. You’re in good and honest hands, it’s a beautiful eco-paradise!

Pura Vida!

  • About the owner of Bio Caribe
  • Whats make Bio Caribe special?
About the owner of Bio Caribe

Coming to be owners of Bio Caribe could not have been a more enjoyable and smooth process especially being an offshore property for us. Edsart Besier the owner of Bio Caribe not only took the time and effort every step of the way but proved his integrity and professionalism. On our first sit down with Ed he explained his vision and passion for Bio Caribe. We knew then that this was a special place. We were even more in love when he took us to see the properties. Instantly we wanted this to be our home.
When we build our home, the land will be developed to Permaculture standards. A system of agricultural and social design for natural ecosystems, including Organic Farming. If you’re looking for a life of living in beauty and sustainability. Bio Caribe embodies this and so much more.


Whats make Bio Caribe special?

As many people of our generation, Paul and I grew up and have worked in several places – this has spurred a love to explore the world and discover new places. However, as time passes, we both have started to long for a place we can call home – a “base” to which we may return, a place that we can nurture and where we can project our dreams. This is what we found in Biocaribe: what appealed to us was not only the beauty of the place, a breathtaking forest located very close to the Caribbean Sea and within a community formed by very diverse people, but also the concept of being part of a community where people are aligned in looking to live as sustainably as possible, while living in consonance with the environment. We are pretty much at the start of our journey, but very excited.

Irene and Paul